Your jewelry is important to you, whether it’s your engagement ring or a family heirloom it has a special place in your heart that you could never put a monetary value on. However, if you don’t know what the piece is worth, you’ll have a hard time selling it or getting insurance to pay for it if it’s damaged or stolen. Getting your jewelry appraised is important from both an insurance and a personal value perspective. 

Certified Professionals 

At Legacy & Co. Jewelers, our jewelers and gemologists are certified at the Gemological Institute of America. Outside of our certificates, our staff has a broad range of jewelry experience that gives them an expert eye to identify the true value of any modern, vintage or antique piece. 


Getting your appraisal in writing is always a smart decision. At Legacy & Co. Jewelers, we use a special software that assists us in analyzing the true market value for each piece. It will provide us with a fairly accurately carat weight without us having to remove it from its setting. With this and the measurement of the stone, the preciseness of the stone, and the type of setting will give us an accurate estimate for your piece.

Why get your jewelry appraised:

  • Provides you proof of ownership
  • Insurance for your jewelry, will help you get a replacement or cash if your piece is lost, destroyed, or stolen
  • Get educated on the value of your piece, discover the finer details such as cut, clarity, gemstone weight, designer considerations, metal quality, etc.
  • If lost or stolen an appraisal will assist police in locating it if it was pawned or resold
  • Determine fair market value for estate sales and estimates

Getting your jewelry appraised on a semi-regular basis can benefit you as the values of metal and precious stones frequently change. 

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