Precious Metal and Gem Buying

Jewelry can mean different things to different people. It has a sentimental value to some, reminding them of a beloved family member or an accomplishment/celebration from the past. It can be something that is past down from generation to generation. Yet, outside of the sentimental aspect jewelry can mean one thing to many, money. 

Making the decision to keep, redesign, or sell your old jewelry can be challenging, that is why we are here to help. 

Redesign or Refurbish Your Old Jewelry

Our certified jewelers and gemologists have decades of experience in assessing the value of any piece of jewelry. We are skilled at identifying pieces in your collection that have intrinsic value and would be more profitable to refurbish vs. selling as is. 

We can easily spot designer or antique pieces that were created with excellent craftsmanship and crafted with high quality stones that are worth more than you may have expected. These pieces are always more profitable to you if they are resold to the right buyer versus melting them down as scrap. We’re happy to purchase these pieces from you. 

Often times people will come to us with older jewelry that was passed down through generation that have great sentimental value, but the design has gone out of style. In these situations, we are happy to redesign any piece of jewelry by reconstructing the precious metals and gemstones into a new custom-designed piece that is more to your liking.  

Scrapping Old Jewelry

There are many times when old jewelry is just that, old jewelry, and it has no value aside from the precious metals and gemstones it contains. In these situations, we provide you with two options, you can keep the stone if it has sentimental value and you want to repurpose in another piece. We will then evaluate the precious metals and give you cash or credit at fair market value for every piece. 

Or you can choose to scrap the entire piece and collect the cash instead. When evaluating the fair market value of each piece in your collection we will first dismantle it, then test the metals for purity, finally we will weigh both the metals and stones. At this point, we will provide you an estimate of what we can offer you for the piece based on the current diamond and gemstone wholesale tables. If you believe you would be able to get a better offer from another dealer you are welcome to shop around, you are under no obligation to sell to us at this point.

As we are a family business and certified appraiser, we believe that selling your jewelry should be as fair and transparent as buying it. Our years of experience help us evaluate the exact value of every gemstone. The main factors in this process is assessing the 4 C’s (carat weight, clarity, color, and cut) of every diamond and gemstone. All these factors combined drive the market value of a given stone. If at any time during this process you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to explain.

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